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Web design is both an art and a science

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I enjoy the artistic element of web design. Creating a pleasant and inviting interactive experience or the website visitor is a fun thing to do.

But web design isn't all about pretty pictures or flashy logos, there is much more to it than just the artistic element. There is a beautiful science to designing a user friendly, intuitive website that quickly and easily provides visitors with information and guides them through the experience.

A good web design company knows how to find the balance between the art and the science. A great web design company knows how to work closely with a client and apply the client's needs and vision to this balance.

Maui is an isolated paradise so I particularly appreciate my local clients. The opportunity to meet people face to face, to shake hands, and to actually see their enthusiasm is a special bonus to the relationships I build with clients.

I'm very fortunate to have several Maui web design clients with whom I have strong professional as well as warm, friendly relationships.

Ali'i Kula Lavender

The Lavender Farm is a cherished local attraction here in Maui. The goal was to capture the beauty of the farm and the warmth of the people that run it.

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Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm

A Maui Website Design

Ali'i Kula Lavender in Maui needed a new website design that would better capture the beauty and elegance of the farm. More than just an ecommerce site, the new web design needed to entice visitors to the farm in upcountry Kula.

I'm very proud of the AKL web design. Be sure to visit the farm on your next trip to Maui!


Hawaii Natural Products

Hawaii Natural Products is a local business nestled deep in the jungle on Maui. The site features many local treasures that you won't find elsewhere online.

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Hawaii Natural Products

A Maui Website Design

Hawaii Natural Products is an ecommerce site dedicated to finding Maui's secret treasures and bringing them to the rest of the world. The web design is just the beginning as I expect the company to grow!

The Hawaii Natural Products web design worked out great and it's rewarding to see the sales begin to come in.


Maui Jiu Jitsu

I love the Maui Jiu Jitsu Academy. It is an elite jiu jitsu school run by a legend in the art. It is also a second home to me and the training partners there are like family.

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Maui Jiu Jitsu Academy

A Maui Website Design

Maui Jiu Jitsu's web design is one of my older sites. It's highly functional and includes a custom designed back end system that allows them to update the site on their own and send newsletters.

The Maui Jiu Jitsu website gets a lot of visitors and helps connect the academy with fans and potential students.

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