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Here is a selection of recent projects. I'm very proud of them all. If you would like to talk about your own website, send me a message!

Steve Maxwell Strength & Conditioning

Website Redesign


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Maxwell Strength & Conditioning's 2015 home page
Maxwell Strength & Conditioning's 2011 home page
Maxwell Strength & Conditioning's old home page

Completed: November 2015

I love working with Steve and his lovely teen model assistant Teresa!

They are imaginative and eager when it comes to making the most of their online presence.

The Maxwell Strength & Conditioning site is feature rich and highly functional. Thanks to a recent redesign the site now has a high end presentation to go with the function heavy content.

MaxwellSC.com includes database driven content, custom online event registration, a custom blog, and online store.

I'm particularly proud of Steve's new instant download videos feature. I introduced the idea and the feature is a completely new and effective revenue stream for his business.

I also happen to be the guy that designed the previous version of Steve's site. The pic is displayed above or to the right. Lol... seeing the old site is like looking at your old high school yearbook. Kinda embarrassing but there's no hiding from it.

How I've helped

Steve has always had a very loyal following but his website was failing to reach its potential.

It wasn't connecting him with his supporters, It wasn't sharing his knowledge, it wasn't promoting his events, and it wasn't selling his products well.

So in the early 2000's we redesigned it, fixing those problems.

We integrated his blog into the site.

We added new sections providing lots of great information for his fans to enjoy.

We added a custom registration system for and improved the promotion of his events.

We expanded and improved the online store.

All of this helped to improve site traffic, increase event registrations, and boost sales.

I also suggested that Steve sell his training videos in a downloadable format and he jumped on the idea.

The instant downloads were an instant hit and served to do all of the things that his previous site failing to do. The new videos made Steve's product more accessible to his fans, giving them instant access to his teachings.

Suddenly Steve's website wasn't just a website. It was now a very big part of his business!

In 2011, it was time to give the website a more modern and attractive design and to start making the best use of social media to further connect Steve with his audience.

The new site was well received by Steve's fans and the site's traffic and audience continue to grow!

Like Ali'i Kula Lavender, Steve understands the fantastic potential and endless possibilities that the internet provides!

What the client had to say:

"Chris Crooke has been handling my website design and hosting for over 6 years with conscientious and artful precision.

He takes care of the details and is ever mindful of my best interests.

We get many compliments on the new site and business has never been better!

Make mine with aloha."

Steve Maxwell
Maxwell Strength & Conditioning